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[12 Sep 2011|11:49am]

Hi! I have recently joined this community. I am part of the MUN team at the University of Washington in Seattle. I was wondering if there is anybody in this community who attended UBC MUN in Vancouver, BC or FARWEST MUN near San Francisco this year. I was in HRC for UBC as Jordan and GA3 as Portugal at FARWEST.  Obviously this is college level Model UN.

I'm just curious how small our world is. (: 
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my MUN experience [26 Apr 2010|09:13pm]

This year I participated in Harvard National Model United Nations in Boston for the first time!!!

HNMUN serves as a forum in which students from colleges and universities around the world can meet to discuss the greatest challenges facing the world today, in fields ranging from international peace and security to economic and social progress and human rights.

This year only 1 team from Russia took part! We did our best and had fun!

Have a look:
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[11 Nov 2009|04:47pm]

Hello, everyone. :)
I'm new to here and also new to the Model UN. I'm actually starting the MUN in my school and I was wondering if anyone would mind giving me some advice or tips on how I should run it with my friends? We're already gotten it approved at our school and are now deciding when the first meeting will be. I know what we're suppose to do obviously, but I just want to start it well so a lot of people are interested and join.

So, does anyone care to help?
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[02 Nov 2009|08:31pm]

Hey guys, quick question. Has a resolution been passed within the past month concerning nuclear proliferation in general? Or specifically in Iran and/or DPRK? I've got a few from September and June, but I was wondering if the SC has released anything more recent. Thanks.
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Legitimate Source? [15 Oct 2009|01:10am]

`Kay new to the community, but not the MUN program. I have a conference in a few weeks, and I'm representing Uganda in the Security Council. I have two situations of which I am not used to facing: being with a partner (which isn't important at the moment), and proving the legitimacy of a source I happened to stumble upon. The topic I currently face is the recent missile testing in Iran along with nonproliferation, and I believe I've found a very blunt statement on where I will stand on the matter (http://english.aljazeera.net/news/middleeast/2008/07/2008791884511325.html), but I'm not sure if I can trust it. What would you guys say about this site? Is it trustworthy? Thanks.
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Being uncooperative in committee? [04 Aug 2009|10:43pm]

Hey guys! Hope this community is not completely dead-- I need some exceedingly valuable model united nations tips from seasoned experts, since this is quite a crucial question for a crucial MUN.
I have an MUN next week called WORDZMUN which is basically high school level, with the executive board at college (university) level. I represent Malaysia in UNHRC and the problem is....our agendas are a. LGBT rights and b. Human rights in Tibet. Malaysia has a pretty clearcut policy on these-- however their policies are kind of, well, barbaric. I have been told the agenda which the executive board and majority of the delegates will prefer is LGBT rights, and if that's the case, I'm majorly screwed. The background guide prepared by our exec board is pretty clear  in its insinuation that the committee wants a positive discussion on legalization and anti discrimination of homosexuals all over the world, and while that is great in real life, my country's position has prettymuch screwed me over because I don't know what I can discuss at all.considering all I want to say is, allow my alliance to imprison or kill gay people if they wish and disciminated againt them, which is not only aq dangerous position but also one that cannot be debated for long. Does anyone have anytips as to what I should do? What I can discusss over the course of a three day conference when my stand is limited to this? I'll push for the committee to discuss tibet, of course, I'll have productiveif equally bad things to say, but since LGBT rights in the most likely: HELP. I don't want to sit back or lie low most of the time: I really wanted to win this one.
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MUN Teacher Discussion Boards [28 Jul 2009|12:39pm]


UNA-USA has created Model UN Discussion Boards exclusively for teachers. With these discussion boards, you can:

  • Exchange ideas and best practices;
  • Prepare for next year’s conferences;
  • Learn from teachers’ experiences;
  • Share valuable Model UN resources;
  • Engage in discussions facilitated by UNA-USA’s Education and Model UN moderators.
Know teachers interested in Model UN? Forward this message to fellow teachers and have them sign up on UNA-USA's website!


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UNA-USA's Model UN Calendar [11 Jun 2009|04:13pm]

Add your conference to UNA-USA's brand new Model UN Calendar! Search through our global database to find Model UN Conferences in your area or around the world.

Visit us at www.unausa.org/muncalendar

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[09 Apr 2009|11:19pm]

I'm in New York, the National Model United Nations Conference

I'm in the General Assembly, filled with ~400 people.

I speak first thing in the morning.

Normal speaking time is ~1 minute.

I have 10 minutes, and I have this because I have promised an epic prank of a speech using all that time.

I need ideas.

Country: Ireland
Topic: United Nations Reform

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lolo. [05 Mar 2009|02:52am]

Question: Who's going to World MUN? C'mon, it's Den Haag.

If you are, I'm Armenia in the IAEA. Woot, nuclear stuffs.
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Silly committee Games [04 Mar 2009|06:07pm]


Everyone has been there, you're in a 100+ person committee, and some jackass calls for a roll call vote. You, playing some pissant little country because you're not going to an ivy league school, don't care. You'll only have to be aware of the proceedings for about 5 seconds out of the next hour.

For moments like this, we have video games. Preferably ones that can be easily LANed with other members of the committee.

What are MUN's favorites?

And in a mostly unrelated note, who else is going to NMUN in April? I'll be in GA Plen at the Mariott.
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[25 Feb 2009|07:21pm]

Hello! I'm new the the community and to MUN. My group is holding a practice conference, so its going to be pretty informal, but I still want to be prepared. It's my first MUN related event. :] I'm a little confused though on exactly how I should be going about this. Our topic is:
Assessing the effects of globalization on sustainable development
I'm representing the U.K.
What exactly am I arguing? For the U.K.'s position, or policies on this topic? Does that mean I'm arguing that our opinion is the best? If so, who exactly holds this opinion? The government?
I'm confused. ]:

Any help would be appreciated. Even just general help, I just mentioned my country and topic to give you guys an idea of what I'm figuring out. I'm more just trying to learn what is expected in general.

Also I've been looking through the community, you all are great!
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"Would like to" [12 Dec 2008|06:33pm]

Have you ever noticed that MUN people put useless nonsense in front of their statements, something like "China would like to motion for something"

As opposed to "China motions for something"

Why do people do this?

What will it take to get them to stop?
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Live from SRMUN Atlanta [20 Nov 2008|03:26pm]

Topic: Examining the Impacts of Conflict on Sustainable Development

I am the United States. Committee starts in just over an hour (GA Plenary, its gonna be huge!!).

I have ideas, but of course mroe ideas are better. So.. ideas?

(other topics are: Topic I: Combating the International Energy Crisis through Renewable Energy Technologies; Topic II: The Eradication and Control of Communicable Diseases)
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[26 Oct 2008|04:22pm]

what are some tips to dominate the discussion during unmoderated caucuses and have a circle of delegates around you?
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Russia DID NOT ATTACK Georgia! [10 Aug 2008|08:21pm]

[ mood | war ]

The world. You deceive! World mass media conduct propagation of a false information. Russia DID NOT ATTACK Georgia! 07.08.2008 at 22:00 Georgia has attacked South Ossetia. At 3:30 08.08.2008 tanks of the Georgian armies have entered into city Tskhinvali. Artillery bombardment all the day long proceeded, fights with use of tanks and heavy combat material, both against ossetic armies, and against peace inhabitants were conducted. 2000 civil people already were lost. The Russian peacemakers have arrived to South Ossetia in the evening 08.08.2008 for settlement of the conflict and prompting of the world in republic and protection of the Russian citizens living on territory of South Ossetia. Georgia has attacked South Ossetia on eve of Olympiad, it is top of cruelty and cynicism. We shall tell is not present to WAR!!!

The Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has called the Georgian assault “a crime”.

He has personally toured the beds of the injured, and spoken with refugees, across the border in North Ossetia, inside Russia. He said he could no longer bear to listen to their appalling stories.

One women told him she had seen relatives pushed into a house which was then set on fire. Another described an old woman and two children being crushed by a Georgian tank. Putin insisted it was “beyond the imagination of any civilised person”.

The prime minister returned to Moscow adamant that Russian intervention in South Ossetia was completely justified.

In front of television cameras, speaking to President Dmitry Medvedev, Putin said:
“People are in a difficult situation, especially old people, children and women. They have seen a lot of suffering. I would like to draw your attention, Mr President, to elements of genocide against South Ossetian people”

It appears there are moves to create humanitarian corridors for refugees to flee. But Georgia insists nothing has yet been agreed.



No western cameras in South Ossetia
The conflict over Georgia’s breakaway republic is as much about information as it is about weapons. South Ossetia's press service claims Western media outlets can't be trusted because they haven't been operating in the region ”since the conflict began”.

Youtube videos

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Your ideal Model UN resource website? [18 Jul 2008|11:03am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey Model UNers! I'm in the process of developing our conference website, and been looking at other major conferences websites.

My question to the community is: what websites do you look at for Model UN information?
- UN cyberschool bus
- UNA-USA's Model UN stuff

And my follow up question - what should BE on a model UN website?

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Hello! And a conference. [23 Feb 2008|04:41pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hello there! I'm new to the community, simply because our society was discussing (in a casual fashion, there were no points of information) promoting our conference, and I mentioned the medium of lj (as our society's only user), then it hit me that there must be an MUN community on here, why am I not a member?

Anyway, here I am. I'm Kim, and to anyone who went to LIMUN in London, a huge hello to you guys. I was Guyana on DiSec, if any of you were paying that much attention. XD

Right, on to why I'm really here.

I would like to invite you all to AberMUN! The University of Aberystwyth's very first Model UN conference, from April 11th - 13th. Aberystwyth is in mid Wales, by the sea, and is a lovely town, full of historical sights, Welsh culture and lots and lots of pubs.

We are a very prestigous university in terms of International Politics; we are the very first department of International Politics in the world, founded in 1919, and have many world renowned lecturers, two of which will be speaking at the conference. Professor Nicholas Wheeler will be speaking on Humanitarian Intervention for the Security Council, and Dr Rita Abrahamsen will be speaking on Sub Saharan Africa for ECOSOC.

The delegate fee is only £15 for the weekend, and limited accomodation is avaliable for National Union of Students members at £15 a night, if you register soon. Otherwise, there is lots of accomodation avaliable in town at reasonable prices.

Please check out our website and our facebook group. Questions are welcome, and you can email us at abermun@googlemail.com, or feel free to comment and ask me questions.

Hope to see you in Aberystwyth.

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[23 Feb 2008|08:28pm]

The Moscow State University of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and United Nations Association of Russia wish to invite you to attend the Moscow International Model United Nations conference held on 14-18 April 2008 at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.
Held for the 18-th consequent time in Moscow, Russia, being the major Modeling activity in Eastern Europe, MIMUN 2008 is happy to welcome delegates from around the world.
This year's Model simulates the work of 7 UN bodies, 3 of them fully operating in English.
MGIMO-University, the usual venue of the event, is the national leader in educational innovations. Being fully technically equipped, MGIMO has proved to be the only institution in Russia able to provide a technical basis necessary to host a conference of such a scale.
Please leave your E-Mail address in the comments to this entry to receive the details of our conference. We would appreciate very much if you distributed the information you will receive per E-Mail among the participants of your Model UN.

Looking forward to see you at the Model this spring,

From Russia with love,

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CTMUN and Fundraising [10 Jan 2008|08:14pm]

[ mood | anxious ]


I'm a beginner MUNer; I've been to one small but incredibly cutthroat conference before where the chair lambasted me for mentioning condoms when I was representing Brazil -- oops.

It freaked me out a little, so I was wondering if anyone been to CTMUN and if so, what is it like? How rigorous is it? Are all MUNers like that?!

Also, our Model UN club is incredibly poor. The largest conference we have been able to afford is this one to Austin (we are in Dallas) and it is costing us $50 each. So when I read posts about conferences in Boston, New York, or even other countries, I wonder how you get the money and if there are more effective ways to raise funds.

Finally, do any of you wise and sage souls have any tips for me to not make a fool out of myself? Is it better to talk a lot and make some mistakes or just not talk at all? Should I begin making friends and politicing immediately? Is it inspiring or is it silly when an argument gets very heated? Is it okay to make jokes?

I know there are a lot of questions :) I hope to meet some of you in further conferences!

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