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CTMUN and Fundraising


I'm a beginner MUNer; I've been to one small but incredibly cutthroat conference before where the chair lambasted me for mentioning condoms when I was representing Brazil -- oops.

It freaked me out a little, so I was wondering if anyone been to CTMUN and if so, what is it like? How rigorous is it? Are all MUNers like that?!

Also, our Model UN club is incredibly poor. The largest conference we have been able to afford is this one to Austin (we are in Dallas) and it is costing us $50 each. So when I read posts about conferences in Boston, New York, or even other countries, I wonder how you get the money and if there are more effective ways to raise funds.

Finally, do any of you wise and sage souls have any tips for me to not make a fool out of myself? Is it better to talk a lot and make some mistakes or just not talk at all? Should I begin making friends and politicing immediately? Is it inspiring or is it silly when an argument gets very heated? Is it okay to make jokes?

I know there are a lot of questions :) I hope to meet some of you in further conferences!
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