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Hello! And a conference.

Hello there! I'm new to the community, simply because our society was discussing (in a casual fashion, there were no points of information) promoting our conference, and I mentioned the medium of lj (as our society's only user), then it hit me that there must be an MUN community on here, why am I not a member?

Anyway, here I am. I'm Kim, and to anyone who went to LIMUN in London, a huge hello to you guys. I was Guyana on DiSec, if any of you were paying that much attention. XD

Right, on to why I'm really here.

I would like to invite you all to AberMUN! The University of Aberystwyth's very first Model UN conference, from April 11th - 13th. Aberystwyth is in mid Wales, by the sea, and is a lovely town, full of historical sights, Welsh culture and lots and lots of pubs.

We are a very prestigous university in terms of International Politics; we are the very first department of International Politics in the world, founded in 1919, and have many world renowned lecturers, two of which will be speaking at the conference. Professor Nicholas Wheeler will be speaking on Humanitarian Intervention for the Security Council, and Dr Rita Abrahamsen will be speaking on Sub Saharan Africa for ECOSOC.

The delegate fee is only £15 for the weekend, and limited accomodation is avaliable for National Union of Students members at £15 a night, if you register soon. Otherwise, there is lots of accomodation avaliable in town at reasonable prices.

Please check out our website and our facebook group. Questions are welcome, and you can email us at, or feel free to comment and ask me questions.

Hope to see you in Aberystwyth.
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