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Being uncooperative in committee?

Hey guys! Hope this community is not completely dead-- I need some exceedingly valuable model united nations tips from seasoned experts, since this is quite a crucial question for a crucial MUN.
I have an MUN next week called WORDZMUN which is basically high school level, with the executive board at college (university) level. I represent Malaysia in UNHRC and the problem is....our agendas are a. LGBT rights and b. Human rights in Tibet. Malaysia has a pretty clearcut policy on these-- however their policies are kind of, well, barbaric. I have been told the agenda which the executive board and majority of the delegates will prefer is LGBT rights, and if that's the case, I'm majorly screwed. The background guide prepared by our exec board is pretty clear  in its insinuation that the committee wants a positive discussion on legalization and anti discrimination of homosexuals all over the world, and while that is great in real life, my country's position has prettymuch screwed me over because I don't know what I can discuss at all.considering all I want to say is, allow my alliance to imprison or kill gay people if they wish and disciminated againt them, which is not only aq dangerous position but also one that cannot be debated for long. Does anyone have anytips as to what I should do? What I can discusss over the course of a three day conference when my stand is limited to this? I'll push for the committee to discuss tibet, of course, I'll have productiveif equally bad things to say, but since LGBT rights in the most likely: HELP. I don't want to sit back or lie low most of the time: I really wanted to win this one.
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